Friday, June 8, 2007

The Posse

Well, our neighbors have a pair of pink flamingos. Yes, they are the plastic kind. However we haven't helped their love of flamingos seeems whenever we go over vacation we bring them back something with a flamingo on it for them....let us see, there was the year that we bought them a flamingo ornament for the tree, the wire flamingo sculpture from Key West, the flamingo dog leash...etc.

However, it is always tasteful. Well this year, as you know, they are moving away. :-(

Recently, the flamingos have appeared in my butterfly bush garden area while we were away. Our neighbor said they were keeping an eye on the house for us.

Our neighbors then went away and well I got creative...I made each of them a bandana out of scraps of fabric. We called them 'The Bandana Posse'
You get the is a back and forth game now.

Well, today we get home from work to this...(I think the picture says it all [fyi our neighbor had borrowed our lawn mover]) he named it the "The Bandana Posse' Ode to JD" (John Deere)

I'm really going to miss them when they leave.

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