Sunday, June 3, 2007


What a week this was. There was way too much working and not enough time for crafts.

I was able to spend just a little money this week and order some Handmaiden Sea Silk. I've been wanting to try it out since I'd learned about it from the No Sheep KAL.

So...guess what came in the mail on Saturday? Yes, Handmaiden Sea Silk in the color Ocean. It is beautiful and this pictures does not do it justice! I purchased it from the Knitting Hutch. I was leary at first, having never heard of this website, but she came through and it was packaged very well.

Then, the DH and I spent the next hour working it into a ball. Yes, you guessed it...I do not own a ball winder. Let us just say it was a very long hour! Thankfully, now it is in a ball.

I also purchased something else, but that is currently a secret.

In following Amy Singer, I found out that she had a scarf in the latest edition of Interweave Knits made with the very Sea Silk I-had-to-have. I fell in love with the photo on the website, so I skipped lunch one day and went to the local book store and bought it.

So, now that I finally have some time this weekend I'm working on a 'trial' of the pattern to create myself a shawl. Yes, I'm making myself a shawl. :-) I figure I can handle scarves, knit the first pair of I should be able to handle this. I want a simple shawl..something more of a rectangle shape that I will use for those nights we are on the screened in deck area during these breezy/cool summer nights.
Now, the goal is to complete this while we still have those breezy/cool summer nights!

I'll leave you with this morning's photo of my front flowers.

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