Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Calling in

OK I called in 'sick' today. Well it is more of a mental health day. When I called my boss this morning, at a time I knew she wouldn't be there, I did mention that I was not feeling well as I had been up half the night.

Which is technically true...I was awake every time I rolled over. I just couldn't bring myself into going in today. Plain and simple.

A few posts back I mentioned that a pivotal individual has left the organization, and as I expected, the environment is going downhill. Upper management doesn't seem to get it and guess who is now doing that job without the title, pay or recognition? MOI.

To top it all off, I could have a job where she left to go to, if I just say the word. Which is leading me to a major headache....hence the sleepless night.

I've been thinking about it, in fact a few years back I was thinking about going to that company when I received a call from the big big boss where I work now asking me back. So, instead of trying something new, I went back to familiar. In the past few years that I've been back, I've had many things promised, yet nothing transpires. Leaving me to feel that I've reached my ceiling level here.

So the question is, to stay where I am or move on?

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