Saturday, July 28, 2007

No Sheep Swap Package #2

During this tough week, it did have a bright spot. I received my 2ND No Sheep Swap Package from none other than ... "stitchaywoman".

It was a great package, as so was the first. I got the following:

The dark chocolate drink is long gone! Yummy! The card reads"I have a secret pal but it's not really a secret...I know who she is!"

Did you see what is on the top left? NEEDLES!! Lantern Moon, Destiny Circular ones!!! YAHOO!! I do not own a pair of circulars and I'm itching to try my second shawl on them (but I have to finish my first shawl...can't have too many UFO's!) :-)

There is also samples from other non-wool yarns. This is such a great idea to send in a swap. I can't want to try some of them.

Thank you Stitch-ay Woman!! You've made my first ever swap a great experience!!

**As for how Emily is doing (she is the one on the right of the picture with the mohawk!)...she is enjoying her cheerios. She is taking her medications however, there isn't any change. She did give me quite a startle last night when I arrived home and didn't see her. She had managed to crawl over the towel/rod (that keep her on the rug for traction) into a tube (the cardboard kind you use when you are making a concrete footing) and was hiding!

We gave her a bath last night and she looks pretty clean. She just had her first visitors (our wonderful neighbors) who feed her yogurt drops. So...we will just be taking one day at a time.

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