Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th!

Wow, it has been a while since I've been here. Things have been busy. We entertained friends last weekend. I worked the long hours last week, in preparation for taking this week off! YAHOO!

The DH was so kind to bring my to WEBS. Yes, "WEBS...America's Yarn Store". What a store! I had saved a few bucks to go and I went over my limit by $17. not that bad! I returned the 14" needles that I had ordered from them. I just couldn't get comfortable with a needle that long.

I picked up Lantern Moon needles. WOW! SO lightweight and much better than the cheaper bamboo ones. So I splurged. I figured I was going to trade off the current needles from my wrap to these. Then, the DH surprised me with another pair later in the shopping trip. I now have two pairs, 4.5mm and 5mm.

I also purchased Rowan Summer Tweed. This is going to make a really nice shrug for myself. I also picked up some ribbon. I'm also going to make a ruffle scarf.

DH was such a good sport (and for the record I was only in WEBS for exactly one hour). He sat in the chair the entire time and became the offload-of-the-arms site. I took him to the Northampton Brewery as a thank you. He enjoyed his 4 self-selected beer choices, pulled pork and key lime pie! So, I think we are even.
I heard from my downstream swap pal. She emailed me last night that she received the package and loved it. Yipee! I guess I can now show you what I mailed out to her: The picture doesn't show the fireline beading thread that I included as well. The Panda Cotton sock yarn is in 'Dreamy'.

So...are you wondering how my shawl is coming along? With the new Lantern Moon needles I got about 20 rows done in the past two days. The needles are 10" in length, so I'm just about at 12 1/2".

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