Thursday, August 16, 2007

Meez and Emily comes home one last time

I'm debating if I like this one or the one on the right better. Decisions, decisions...

We got Emily back tonight. We got a call yesterday to say she was back and we could either pick her up, or have her mailed. Mailed?! I do not think so. So, DH picked her up on the way home.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but Em is in a nice oak box that came with an engravable tag. We were thinking about getting a weeping birch tree to have her buried at the base, but now I'm not sure - since this box looks nice.

Bianca is adjusting well to her new friend. We call the friend "Baby". You can see her kissing Baby in this photo:

This one is my favorite, the two of them laying together:

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