Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Only Tuesday

So, you ask what have I been up to you ask? I'm still working on my shawl. It was exciting a few days ago when I tried it on and both ends touched as I wrapped it around me! YAHOO! I still have another foot to go or so...I'll get there.

I've been eating up a storm. Call it stress eating. First my dear friend dropped off a care package on the loss of our Emily. In the package was tissues, Russell Stover chocolates, bottle of wine, and a few other things. Well these chocolates are hitting the spot!

I was then out on the road visiting a client and stopped at a local homemade candy store. Can you say $29.75 later?

I've also managed to eat and entire package of Twizzlers in the past 3 day! Yes, that is a full 16oz of a "makes mouths happy"candy!

We also received the final bill for Emily-bun. It was tough to have to pay that, as expensive as it has been. It hit a bit hard today, know that she is gone and I just want her home. I called the accounting department first thing this morning to pay the final balance. The call ended with this:
Me: I wanted to make sure the bill was paid in full, so when her ashes come back we can get her home right away.
Tufts: Oh they will call you right away when she arrives. We take deliveries on Wednesday and they are running 2-3 weeks out.
Me: So, I could look at being called tomorrow or next Wednesday?
Tufts: Yes. You will be called and at that time you can let the person know if you will be picking her up or if you want her mailed.
Me: Mailed? What?!
Tufts: Oh yes, we can mail her to you, if you prefer. There is no additional charge for this.
Me: Huh? You mail through the USPS? (insert a surprised chuckle here)
Tufts: Yes, we do have people request we mail their pets to them.
Me: (laughing fully now) Ummm,...no mailing will be needed. We will pick Emily up. Thank you.

How odd is that? Let us just say you are not mailing to me.

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