Monday, September 10, 2007

Boat Drinks

Well, this weekend flew by. We went to the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday night. That was a fun time!!! He really knows how to put on a concert!

In getting there in time for plenty of tailgating, we saw some really funny sights:
  • a pickup truck with it's own porta-potty on it, actual stairs w/hand rails leading up to it
  • a guy trying to put together a keg style bbq grill - right out of the box. Took him about an hour, then he flipped burgers by using a paper plate?! Actually it was more than just one plate, about 4-6 as they kept burning.
  • same couple trying to figure out how to plug the blender in. HELLO?!
  • one guy dropped his entire beer on his shoe/foot and blamed it on the beer, quite loudly
  • another guy was dancing by stomping, it looked more like a kill that bug, kill that bug...can you visualize it?! LOL
  • there were tiki bars, generators (dude above should have thought of that), more straw skirts I've seen in years, and the ages went from high school to collecting SSI (and I am curious on what population was actually smoking the grass)

I could go on and on...I just get so much enjoyment out of watching other and making fun of them.

I didn't get much knitting in. Although as for house improvements, we finally have all the baseboard molding done in the bathroom. It looks so nice! It is amazing what we've been able to accomplish in a few weeks.

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