Saturday, September 1, 2007

Must match

Big thanks to DH, did you see the new logo he designed? I love it!!

The beads were actually taken from my bead "stash"! Yes, you can, like in knitting, have a bead stash! DH created a light under a piece of glass with paper on it to take the snapshot that filled in the word BEAD. I took full opportunity of the set up to get a couple of my recently made jewelry photographed:
This is the first piece I've made that doesn't have a design to it...just beads picked up as needed on the wire. It probably took me 30 minutes from start to finish - thank goodness for that, as I wanted to wear it with the shirt I was wearing at the time and we had to leave!

DH and I have been quite busy today. We painted one wall of our bedroom. We used the Ralph Lauren, River Rock paint. It has sand in it, so it creates a nice texture. I wanted an accent wall and well we now have it! We also took down the molding around the front and back doors and put up the new molding that matches the rest of the doors.

Now it is movie time as we are ready to relax.

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