Sunday, September 23, 2007

Party is done.

The big party is over. Yahoo! It got so stressful these past few days. In fact I was still running on energy from who-the-heck-knows-where until 3AM! I just could not sleep. I was way too wound up.

All in all I've heard from a few people and they said they had a good time and the food was good.

I was up after 5 hours of sleep to clean the house like the mad woman. Like I said I'm just relieved it is over.

Now we have 5 days to get ready to use up DH's gift from me. We are going to Daytona Beach, FL. He is a big Nascar fan and I put together a weekend to head to DaytonaUSA. So now that I can talk about it, I should be less stressed about it.

There is still nothing happening on the knitting front. This party and subsequent surprise vacation planning has taken over my life.

I do have some sock yarn and was going to check out the TSA website to see about going on the plane with needles.

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