Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to you!

DH and I spent a very quiet day at home.

I was able to cast off on my next project.CO: 200 stitches
Needles: Lantern Moon Circulars US 6, 36"
Yarn: Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets Silk Lace
Colorway: White Pine

Now here is where I feel like the Yarn Harlot. I CO the 200 stitches, completed row 2 as a YO then knit, row 3 as knit....THEN I re-read the pattern. My YO row was to be row 4 not row 2. ARGH! That would be 1000 stitches that I FROGGED!

So back to CO 200 stitches, row 2 KNIT, row 3 KNIT then YO, Knit 1, repeat. Row 4 & 5 Knit, That would be what you see the photo above.

Ms. B wanted to be in the photos today, being that it was Easter and all. So here is your bunny photos for the day...Ms. B being as she was ALL day long!

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