Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is all in the needles

I learned quite a knitting lesson this week. I'd been working on my ruffle scarf with Lantern Moon circular needles. I was getting quite frustrated that it was taking a little over 2 hours to knit a row.

Now, in my defense a row now consists of 800 stitches (CO 200, then 2 rows of YO's). I broke down and purchased some Addi Turbo Lace circular needles. That night, my row took 45 minutes!! WOO HOO!!Lesson learned: Let the yarn pick the needle, just because I have a love for wood needles doesn't mean every yarn likes wood.

I've also returned to knitting my Montego Bay Shawl. It now overlaps when I wrap it around, so I figure about 8 more inches and I'll be done.)Also, to complete my weekend I transplanted some plants, and purchased some new ones. This is now my view from my knitting chair.LOVE IT! (2 African Violets, Easter Cactus, Parsley, Hens & Chicks, Jade, Palm [bulb])

I also have a bunny that loves flowers too, she has her own flower wreath:

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