Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Tale of 3 Ishbels, Part 2

Well let me tell you something, the stitch count was STILL off the next morning. Reality sets in. I must do the dreaded FROGGING! OK, I do can this...just keep breathing.

If I pull really gently I only have to frog the row 5 and start it over again. No problem. It is a win-win! I do not have to knit it all over again yet still get to correct the problem. So, I start ripping just a couple of stitches at a time....getting closer to the end....g-o-i-n-g  s-l-o-w-l-y....OH NO it took some from the next row.

Okay, I'll just rip it back to the stockinette stitches. I'm only losing a total of 5 rows. Breathe. I mean come on 5 rows, big deal!

Pulling slowly, I announce "Do not talk to me until I'm done this!". The room is empty. DH was a smart man and had left the room a long time ago.

OK I can't do this. I can not figure out how to pick up the right stitches as after you pull them apart they get wonky. Yes, wonky.

DH yells from other end of house, "take a breather". So, I head online to Ravelry. It gives me two words that I had failed to read previously:
Life Lines

What are those?! Oh, scrap yarn you knit into your row(s) that help if you need to frog back. Someone mentions that the Knit Pick needles work well for these, due to the holes in the circular sets.

WELL that doesn't help me now. Yarn and needles go into knitting bag for a time out.

Days pass.
Weeks pass.
Christmas comes (brings Harmony needles) and goes.
Tuscany Shawl has been started AND finished. (so much for Ishbel being the first!)

Somewhere in the midst of all that DH brings up my Ishbel and gently asks if I want him to frog it to ease the pain of taking out all that work. I do not know the answer he was expecting, but I say if you want to.

One day I come home from work and my skein of beautiful periwinkle sea silk is sitting on my sofa. 

This yarn really does deserve to become an Ishbel. 

Let me try again, this time with my new Knit Pick's Harmony needles!

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