Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Tale of 3 Ishbels, Part 3

Let us try this again...

CO 3 stitches. So far, so good!

Pick up stitches. Hmm, I do not remember it being this tight. Maybe it is just the new needles. I mean it has been months since I last CO for this....maybe it was this tight previously.

Bring on the triangle! Boy do I love these needles! The yarn and my fingers are flying!!

But wait...when I hold up the piece something does not look right. I look at the pattern and realize I messed up ON THE FIRST ROW!! Well technically on the first 3 rows. STINKER!

What comes next is a breakdown of being totally stressed out, feeling like I can not do this...I mean if 5,881 people can do this on Ravelry clearly I'm the only idiot who can't figure this out.

Breathe. Breathe again. Put away the needles and regroup with it window shopping we go.

I did come back in a much better mood. I decide that I'm going to cut this piece off of the yarn cake. I'm going to frame it because I am not a quitter! 
Did you think I was kidding about the frame? I'm not pleased with how it lays in the frame, so I may take it out and block it! Yes - I'm going to block it so it looks better in the frame! Call me what you will! :-)

This frame now resides on my desk at home. It is a reminder that I'm going to persevere.

CO to Ishbel try #3....
(still irked that blogger rotates my photos!)

To answer your questions:
Yes I CO the correct amount of stitches.
Yes the next 3 rows I did correctly.
I plan on putting in a Life Line on the last row of stockinette stitch.
Yes I am counting every single row.
No I am not knitting the nights I'm stressed from work.
No this isn't my travel project (see Chevron scarf!).

Let us hope this is the Ishbel that will be finished and worn with pride! As my DH likes to say "All in due time!"

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