Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So, what were you doing last night?

Watching tv, browsing the internet, shopping,...well, I was staying up past my bedtime determined to finish my Sweet Jazz scarf.

Here she is this morning, bright and early:
Final cast off was at 10:26 PM last night!

Here is my Sweet Jazz tonight being blocked:

 "C"..she is all done! (dorky - yes I know, but since blogger likes to rotate my photos every once in a while I couldn't resist on this one) Isn't she beautiful? I can't wait to wear her.

I hope to have some better photos this weekend, if the weather will cooperate.

I'm loving how this came out. In fact, I'm seriously thinking about knitting this pattern again. I have another pattern I want to cast off first, however I'm keeping this pattern in my Ravelry que line!

My plan to cast off on my Just Enough Ruffles scarf tonight, however we will see.

Tonight, it is early to bed!

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