Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Jazz Progress

Here is my Sweet Jazz update photo:
I literally ran in the house and quickly snapped some photos before I lost the sun totally for the night. Here is a little better close up:
I was trying to figure out exactly how many stitches I knit yesterday while I was at work today (working really hard! LOL), as I believe it is a personal record. However, I didn't have the pattern with the starting stitch counts. So, just on this shawl yesterday I knit a total of  4,890 stitches! I then decided to put it away before I got too tired to follow the pattern.

I then got into a TV show at 9PM, so I switched over to my Just Enough Ruffles scarf and knit 2 more rows So that added 1200 stitches to my daily total.

A grand total of 6,090 stitches in one day! (technically less than 6 hours)


Since I want to eat supper and finish the one row left on Sweet Jazz before bind off tonight, I must call this post done.

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