Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yes, I'm switching topics from knitting to food. Specifically fruits and vegetables today.

We signed up at our local in town farm for a CSA package. I've always like the idea of them, investing in the local farm. I also wanted to make sure we had fresh fruits and vegetables through the seasons. We also knew in doing this we could cut back on our own garden.

In fact our farm was purchased a few years back from a foreclosure, the bank was just about to sell the land to a builder....thank goodness that didn't work out...and this multi-generation family purchased it to keep it as a working farm.

This is the share we picked up this weekend:
The strawberries are just so sweet! We are going to make strawberry shortcake, as the DH is really wanting to make real whipped cream!

I also didn't post what we got last weekend:
I ended up eating one packages of strawberries within that week, and froze the other. The lettuce was great for not only our sandwiches that week, but also provided a cup for our bunny, Bianca the entire week!

Knitting will be back next post! It is finally nice and sunny here, so maybe I can talk DH to take some shawl photos that I owe you!

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