Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 14, 2007

DH was out of the house for the bulk of today. It was so nice and quite I was able to finished my latest James Patterson book, Judge & Jury. Once that was finished I was able to knit about 4 more inches, between the two socks. I’m so excited that I’m getting so far along.

Although I still have the heel which, having only completed one class sock prior, is still a huge challenge to finish before I’ll breathe a sigh of relief!! I love how the colors of the material are coming out and this Panda Cotton is just a delight to work with.

I also scored myself some Jimmy Buffett tickets this morning. I was cleaning out my inbox and came across an email from a ticket house and one thing led to another…I’m thrilled that I landed tickets.

I also went to the PO and picked up the mail. I knew I’d have my Simply Socks order waiting for me. Allison hasn’t disappointed me yet on fast shipping. I was emailing her the other day about other non-wool sock yarns and she mentioned the Cascade Fixation. Of course, I had to buy some right away and a little bigger DPN to work the knitting with.

So now I really have to finish the socks I’m working on to start the new ones, I have a feeling it is a battle that is going to be a constant one!

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