Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is that sun I see?

The sun actually appeared for a little while today. Yahoo!

Here is the photo I promised the other day. It is of the maple tree sapling that the neighbors gave me. I had to use a white piece of paper to have it show up in the photo against the mulch. You can see the two can... right? I mean they are right there...


I had one heck of a night/day. The power went out at 2AM this morning. This is a problem when you are used to running an air purifier for not only allergies but for some noise to allow such deep slumber. Once that filter turns off it becomes way too quiet for any sleep. So, when the power finally came on 6 hours later I was already awake (much to my chagrin) to start my day at work. A little late, but still it made for a really long day.

I am still waiting on my socks until the weekend. However, I did start a new project with the Cascade Fixation. I wanted to do a gauge square and got a little carried inch and half later, I have a pretty Garter Stitch of I don't know what yet! Maybe it will be a small facecloth, flower post coaster, drink coaster?! We will see!

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