Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rocking Horse

We had a great weekend, well, all except the hair appointment.

My special young girl (SYG) was over and our neighbors gave her a handmade rocking horse. Our neighbor makes them for sale through a consignment shop in our local area. As you can see SYG was thrilled to be riding her horse!
I actually got out and cleaned my flower beds this weekend too. However, they are in rough shape. I'm going to have to take some shrubs out that we lost from this past winter's weather. I'm debating whether to get another few yards of mulch this year as we really could use the money to go towards replacement windows.
We priced them out and OUCH! Who knew that windows can run $300-400 dollars A PIECE, times 9! That isn't counting our 8 foot window in the front.
I'm still playing chicken with turning the heel on my socks. They are still in the same shape and place they were two weeks ago. I really need to get over my heel hangup and just do it. However, I don't want to make a mistake yet I want to wear them now...such a struggle.

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