Sunday, April 15, 2007

Year End Wrap Up - December 2006

It has been quite the busy year from me. Here is the knitting recap:
I learned how to knit scarves
I started 6 scarves
I completed 5 this year
4 of them had Fun Fur in them
2 were completely Fun Fur

I decided a few months ago that I wanted to give everyone (well that I could) something home made for Christmas. I was able to make snowman bracelets for all the ladies on my list. Here is my side of the family showing off their bracelets. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the other side of the family as we were not there when they opened them :-(

I made my Mom & Sister amethyst necklaces:

I also made my sister a collage. She went to Paris and brought us back a package of chocolates. From the picture above the middle picture is the front of the chocolate package, the little orange pictures were the wrappers and the backround sheets of both sides are from my MIL’s scrapbook collection that she was nice enough to donate to my project.

My Grammie's scarf w/her checking out my stitches!

For a really good friend, I made her a pendant. It is reversible, purple on one side and black on the other. While her special young girl made her a floor cloth (with a little help from me):

Here are the pictures of the Fun Fur scarves. I made the one on the left for my sister and the one on the right is mine. My sister has much darker hair than I do so it looks great!

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